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Access to servers via cloud infrastructure raised the bar of what can be achieved by leveraging third-party computing power. One area amongst multiple others is the possibility to centralize code repository and development environments in the cloud.

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In this article we will talk about:

  • Leveraging third-party services for front end development
  • Leveraging cloud-native IDE for backend development
  • Deep integration of github with cloud-native IDEs
  • The code to move the development to the cloud
  • Services available for cloud development
  • Remote debugging using tunneling

Even though this blog post was designed to offer complementary materials to those who bought my Testing nodejs Applications book, the content can help any software developer to tuneup working environment. You use this link to buy the book. Testing nodejs Applications Book Cover

Cloud IDE

Unlike the front-end dev environment, backend code IDEA is a little tricky. Requirements of backend code are a little different from the front end, and sometimes involve a lot of moving parts. Things such as databases, authentication, payment processing systems, etc require special attention when developing code.

The following are some serious contenders to look into when wanting to move a part of backend code completely to the cloud environment.

Front End

Cloud IDE, especially on the front-end side, is getting a little more serious. Not only they remove hustle to deal with environment setup, but they also make it possible to demo end results in real-time. There is an increased capability to ship the code as early as possible. There is a myriad of those, but these two stand out.


Tunneling for remote debugging

It is quite a challenge to debug certain things, the WebHook from a live server is one of them. The following tool makes it possible to test those. It would be even easier if the development environment was entirely cloud-powered.



In this article, we reviewed possibilities to move development to the cloud, the cost associate with the move, and cases when that move makes sense. There are no additional complementary materials in the “Testing nodejs applications” book, but can be a good start to centralize testing efforts.


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