How Spy/Stub or fake a functions

Testing functions attached to objects, other than a class instance, constitutes an intimidating edge case from first sight. Such objects range from object literals to modules. This blog explores some test doubles techniques to shine a light on such cases.

For context, the difference between a function and a method, is that a method is a function encapsulated into a class.

In this article we will talk about:

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Show me the code

var fs = require('fs');

module.exports.removeUserPhoto = function(req, res, next){
    let filepath = `/path/to/photos/${req.params.photoId}.jpg`;
    fs.unlink(filepath, (error) => {
        if(error) return next(error);
        return res.status(200).json({
            message: `Your photo is removed - Photo ID was ${req.params.photoId}`

Example: A simple controller that takes a PhotoID and deletes files associated to it

What can possibly go wrong?

Some challenges when mocking chained functions:

Show me the tests

From the How to mock chained functions article, there are three relevant to the current context avenues we leverage for our mocking strategy.

let outputMock = { ... };
sinon.stub(obj, 'func').returns(outputMock);
sinon.stub(obj, 'func').callsFake(function fake(){ return outputMock; })
let func = sinon.spy(function fake(){ return outputMock; });

We can put those approaches to test in the following test case

var sinon = require('sinon');
var assert = require('chai').assert;

// Somewhere in your code. 
it('#fs:unlink removes a file', function () {
    this.fs = require('fs');
    var func = function(fn){ return fn.apply(this, arguments); };//mocked behaviour 
    //Spy + Stubbing fs.unlink function, to avoid a real file removal
    var unlink = sinon.stub(this.fs, "unlink", func);
    assert(this.fs.unlink.called, "#unlink() has been called");

    unlink.restore(); //restoring default function 


In this article, we established the difference between stub/spy and fake concepts, how they work in concert to deliver effective test doubles, and how to leverage their drop-in-replacement capabilities when testing functions.

Testing tends to be more of art, than a science, practice makes perfect. There are additional complimentary materials in the “Testing nodejs applications” book.


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